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What Can You Do With $1,400 a Month?

I don’t know about you, but for me, not much. However, according to the Social Security Administration, that is approximately the average monthly benefit amount that retired seniors received as of December 2016. This highlights the importance of having limited reliance on Social Security income later in life. It is no longer enough to have something set aside to supplement one’s Social Security benefits; in fact, it is looking more and more likely that Social Security itself will be the supplemental – rather than main – source of income. Currently, my husband and I spend a third of that amount on food in our household each month. It is imperative that we plan appropriately if we want to maintain a decent standard of living in our senior years. We do not have to live lavishly (while that would be nice), but it would also be rather unfortunate if we worked for 40+ years and ended up living in squalor in our old age.

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In the Interim: Thoughts from a 20-Something Adult (?)

After graduating from physician assistant (PA) school in February of this year, and successfully landing myself a job at a relatively busy hospital, I find myself with an awkward amount of time that I need to fill before I start my permanent position. In the beginning, I reveled in having the ability to sleep in and catch up on the sleep that I had sorely missed during my schooling. I revisited old hobbies of mine, dusting off long-forgotten yarn projects and other crafts. When that became tedious, I turned to working on my physical fitness, since I have the stamina of an aged, wet noodle. This led to numerous walks with borrowed pooches and breath-taking views of Wollaston Beach at dusk.

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Recently we hosted a webinar on the topic of Building Wealth In Your 20’s & 30’s. In the third and final section of the webinar we covered building equity, tax savings and some very important closing thoughts.

For more resources and tips on how to build wealth, please contact us.

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Recently we hosted a webinar on the topic of Building Wealth In Your 20’s & 30’s. In the second section of the webinar we covered saving for retirement, the importance of life insurance and the different types of investments.

For more resources and tips on how to build wealth, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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There is an alternative to simply saving for retirement over the course of a 40 year career. One of the most effective options is to acquire income producing assets. A perfect example of accomplishing this is to purchase rental properties that cash flow every single month. This is a great way to supplement your employment income and actually provides you the opportunity to immediately increasing your spending power if you so choose. We are seeing more and more that just simply saving for retirement has left people in difficult situations once they reach that point. Therefore, if done right, investing in long term rental properties can be an incredible vehicle to allowing people retire the way retirement was always meant to be.


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Would you like to have more control over how your retirement savings is invested? Are you sick of stacking cash away just to have the stock market drop 5% over night for no apparent reason? If this is you, consider moving your retirement savings to a Self Directed IRA. SD retirement accounts allow you, the account holder, to specifically “direct” your savings to the investment options you choose. Brian Kearney, from the Entrust Group answers your specific questions in the short video below.

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