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Buying A Home In Dorchester? Get A Pre-Approval Before You Start Shopping!

Are you thinking now would be a good time to buy that house I’ve always wanted? Have you started visiting local Open House(s) and learning a little about what the neighborhood has to offer? Great. You’re on the right path to home-ownership but let’s not forget one crucial step. The pre-approval process! Getting yourself pre-approval for a mortgage is important so you fully understand where you are financially and what you can afford to spend. During the process your mortgage broker will be able to tell you, how much you can afford, what interest rates are doing, and what you can look forward to as a final monthly payment when taxes and insurance are added in. During the pre-approval process you should also speak with your mortgage broker about all the differing loan programs available to you and the pros and cons of each.

Chris Graves, of Sierra Pacific Mortgage, breaks down the pre-approval process in this 2 min video. Chris is an very experienced mortgage loan officer and is available to help answer any questions you may have about getting a loan. If you still have questions about obtaining a mortgage pre-approval and would like to speak with Chris directly, please complete the contact form below and your message will be sent directly to Chris’s email.

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