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More Reasons to Work with an Experienced Investment Agency!


Apartment & Condo Developers:

Mattapan Condo Development Are you a apartment builder or condo developer in the New England area? The Mandrell Company specializes in local multifamily housing and we sell many distressed apartment buildings in need of rehab or redevelopment. We are always looking for developers interested in revitalizing neighborhoods and bringing these properties back to life!     

Interested in distressed multifamily buildings? Visit our sister company The Boston Landlord.

Developers take on significant risks with significant financial obligations – they need to invest in what is selling and divest what is not. We are in the Boston sales market on a daily basis serving buyer clients which gives us a very crisp and clear view of both subtle and dramatic changes in buyer expectations, financing capacity, and market trends neighborhood by neighborhood & street by street.  With this information, we can easily provide you with critical project information needed at every phase of your development to make it a success!

Residential & Commercial Financing Assistance:

Most brokers are at a loss when it comes to getting deals done outside of conventional financing. Not us! We understand that some Residential & Commercial real estate can be difficult to finance, especially when time frames are tight or the particular property won’t be your primary residence. We have many conventional, hard money & private money contacts in the industry. We’ve assisted many clients in finding the financing for investment real estate with little to no money out of pocket. We also assisted many clients with successful lease options, seller financing, private mortgages and real estate investments within their retirement accounts. We understand how to get deals done and will point you in the right direction for your financing needs!

Learn to Rehab Property In South BostonEducation, Seminars & Networking:

Boston Wealth Builders is a group for those interested in long-term wealth building through real estate! There are many way to invest in real estate, but this group has a narrow focus on the “buy and hold ” strategy and how to build wealth here in the city of Boston. The group is for new and seasoned investors looking to build a terrific network and share their experiences investing. Each meeting will focus on a different topic that concerns the “buy and hold” investor. We will have open discussions and try to address the particular questions and concerns of each attendee.

The very best investors have a great team and mentors around them, but they also network with other like-minded individuals. Come share your thoughts, ideas, and questions with us as you move forward with your investing future. The group will meet once per month at locations around the city. Join the group for specific locations, dates and times.    www.BostonWealthBuilders.com

Rent your Apartment Faster. Rent your Apartment Easier.

  • We can help you reach qualified tenants… Very often at no cost to you.
  • We professionally list your apartments for rent on over 20 different local apartment websites.
  • We cover every aspect of the application and leasing process….from credit checks to lease drafting.
  • You have complete flexibility. We bring you the tenant package and you make the final decision.
  • We help you close vacancies faster and get you back to maximizing your cash-flow!