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Find “Quiet” Real Estate Deals Not Listed on MLS!


While The Mandrell Company is a retail brokerage office, we often have investment property sellers that come to us and would rather NOT sell their properties on the “open market”.  They choose to sell their investments offline for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to the following:

  • To keep distractions to their tenant base at a minimum
  • To weed out window shoppers & keep showings to a minimum
  • To save a percentage on Realtor commissions
  • To keep friends and family out of their financial affairs
  • To find a suitable buyer for distressed or vacant buildings

When these opportunities come to us we look to assist our clients via our “Quiet” or “Off Market” buyers list.  As a subscriber to our  list you will have access to all these properties and there is absolutely no cost to you!

Why Join Our “Off Market” Buyers List?

  • Many of the best deals never hit the MLS and are sold privately
  • We find many Singles, condos, 2-4 family homes as well as larger commercial investments
  • It’s a great way to find distressed investment real estate
  • We find investment homes all over the New England!

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Please note that our list is not segmented in any way and the listings you receive may or may not meet your specific criteria. When we receive an “off market” listing it is sent to our entire list which is NOT broken down by area, size, units, or price. Please disregard any property that does not meet your specific needs. Thanks!