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Money Saving Homes Improvements to Implement Now

If you own a home, chances are you’ve got a long list of renovations and upgrades you’d like to do on it. When it comes to saving money and preserving the value of your home, however, some home improvements are more urgent than others. Here are three high-priority improvements you should consider doing as soon as possible if they are an issue now.

Our suggested improvements will save you money in the long run, help with resale value and keep your home from falling apart. Once you’ve tackled these basic improvements, you can focus on the more fun kinds of upgrades like redoing the kitchen or adding a bathroom.

Insulate your home and seal drafty windows and doors. Although generally thought of as a winter necessity, We live in New England, I feel like it’s winter 10 months out of the year so this is an everyday necessity. You will not only keep heat in and cold out (savings on your heating bill) but it also keeps the house cool during other seasons. If your windows need to be replaced, start budgeting for this as well.

Project 2: Update To High-Efficient Appliances

In a similar vein, you’ll get the most bang for your home improvement buck if you upgrade inefficient appliances in your home. The top energy suckers in the home are: heating systems, air conditioning, hot water heaters, dehumidifiers, and refrigerators, according to Energy.gov
There are easy ways to adjust the energy usage of these appliances, such as installing a programmable thermostat and running appliances at night. At some point, though, you’ll have to decide between repairing your home appliance or replacing it.

Project 3: Clean Your Gutters and Look for Structural Problems

Water is often the cause of the most expensive home repairs. Winter is upon us so if you have not already done so, start fixing things that leak ie: roof, gutters, old pipes. (For some, this process may be a little late but it’s only going to get colder and snowy-er [I made that up]).
A few leaves and twigs in your gutter don’t sound that dangerous, but gutters are the first line of defense against: water problems in your basement, cracked foundations, rotten wood, leaking roofs, wood-destroying insects, and other problems. So, first, clear the gutters or have a handyperson do it for you, and install gutter guards to prevent future water damage.
Now’s the time to also take a walk around your home and look for any foundation cracks, mold or mildew in the basement or other areas, loose shingles or other roof issues (a binocular helps), any other signs of water damage, and pest issues (like termites). Dont wait until the snow comes, because she’s coming with a force (I suspect).

For more suggestions on how to you can make money saving improvements, reach out to us directly at contact@MandrellCo.com. We also know some great contractors if you need recommendations.