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Why Hire TMC Property Management Services?


The Mandrell Company offers property management services throughout the City of Boston as well as many surrounding cities and towns north, south and west. We manage commercial and residential properties as well as individual units and condo associations. Our property management division is growing at a rapid pace and we credit our embrace of industry technology for our current success.

Our property management services include but are not limited to the following:

Tenant Management:

  • Vacancy management
  • Applications & credit/ background checksBoston Contractor
  • Lease drafting & lease renewals
  • Tenant move in/ move out procedures
  • Holding security deposits
  • Tenant complaints & maintenance
  •  Systematic rent increases  
  • Rent collection & late fee charges
  • Late notices & eviction management

Building Improvements & Maintenance:

  • Oversee apartment repairs
  • Oversee regularly scheduled maintenance
  • Systematic building inspections
  • Supervise major capital improvements
  • Preventive maintenance schedules created

Detailed Reporting:

  • Rental income & expense reporting
  • Building/ unit repair cost
  • Monthly/ yearly accounting reports
  • Systematic buy sell analysis
  • Portfolio performance & growth plans

Our Owner’s Portal:

Through our Owner Portals, we offer owners controlled, real-time access to their portfolio information. This information will be presented in a professional manner that rivals your online banking with powerful features such as:

  • Update contact information
  • Real-Time threaded conversations with property managers with email alerts
  • View and approve work orders
  • View bills and attached invoices
  • Access owner statements
  • Make electronic contributions to the portfolio balance
  • Run real-time reports
  • Access shared documents

IMG_1898Our Tenant’s Portal:

We offer our tenants the ultimate amenity that differentiates our properties from the competition and streamlines communications with your management team. With our online Tenant Portal, tenants can log into a secure website and access their account information, wherever or whenever they want. Our systems offers tenants real-time access to information including:

  • Update contact information
  • Real-Time conversations with property managers & email alerts
  • View tenant ledger and make payments online
  • Give notice to vacate
  • Submit service requests and check their status
  • Access shared lease and property documents

Download Boston Property Managers Brochure