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During these last two weeks I think we found a great contractor to help us with a growing property management business. The first two visits to the property I was there to see him fix a water stained ceiling. He was also hired to repair and paint the hallway. For this we left him the key. When we returned to check on his progress we were amazed. The walls, which were marked, stained, and rough now looked clean, smooth and really good from ceiling down 3 flights of stairs. There was no sign of the old stairwell. We also had the opportunity to watch him prep the front porches for staining and waterproofing. By the time he was done power washing and spraying, the wood looked fresh and full of color as if it had just been place there. I will be stopping by the property today to check on his progress. I’m expecting great things. Very happy because like with everything involved in running a business, it’s hard to find people that you trust. So far this professional relationship building experience has been positive.