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Is The Dorchester Multi-family Market Cooling Off? Check Out These Numbers

If you know anything about Dorchester real estate, you probably know it’s been on fire for the last couple years…especially the 2-4 family buildings. But is the market cooling now? Are we at the peak? Check out the sales and rental numbers over the last 6 month and determine for yourself.

Here is Dorchester’s multifamily sales and rental market statistics for the last 6 months.

Total Multi-Family Listings SOLD: 104

Average Living Area by Square Feet: 3,362

Average Listing Price: $599,789

Average DOM (Days on Market): 51.58 Days

Average Sales Price: $593,745

Average Rent for 1 Bedroom Units: $1,645

Average Rent for 2 Bedroom Units: $1,972

Average Rent for 3 Bedroom Units: $2,211

Average Rent for 4 Bedroom Units: $2,564

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