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3 Inexpensive Tools Landlords Can Use To Make Life Easier

Being a landlord is an excellent wealth building tool. All things designed to make you money, costs money. We want to help you be efficient and get the greatest return on your investment. Here are three inexpensive tools to help you run your real estate “business” more effectively:

  • Purchase a Lockbox so you don’t have to walk around with 50 keys
  • Invest in a toilet auger. Trust us, you’ll thank us later!
  • Purchase Quicken Rental Property Manager to track your expenses and rent payments

We hope the audio helped explain why each is a great, inexpensive investment into your property that will save you time, frustration and MONEY in the long run. For more advice on how to be a super landlord, feel free to contact Willie Mandrell at Willie@MandrellCo.com or 617-297-8641.

Happy Landlording!