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CLUE stands for Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange. A CLUE report is similar to a credit report for your home, and contains all the pass insurance claims taken out against the property over the previous 5 years. The report will show the reader if a particular property owner has filed a claim for fire, water damage, mold and various other types of potential lose.

Why should you care about this report?

More and more buyers are requesting that home sellers provide CLUE reports as a contingency to the purchase contract. These buyers want to get a better picture of the homes insurance history and any potential problems that may be lurking if they were to purchase the home. Having this record of the property’s past insurance claims is also a good way for buyers to determine the future insurability of the home.

As a seller, the last thing you want is anything to snag the sale of your home once a potential buyer is on contract. A good idea would be to proactively obtain this report before a buyer request is made. Promptly providing this information to the buyer also makes the home more attractive and gives a potential buyer a certain level of comfort to know that nothing is hidden.

Every homeowner may request one free report per year is and can be ordered online from www.choicetrust.com.