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Why Buy Property With The Mandrell Company?


We Understand Investment Real Estate:

The Mandrell Company has an extremely narrow focus — Apartments! We are engaged exclusively in the representation of private and institutional investors in the purchase, development, and sale of multi-family properties. We provide accurate and timely in-depth market and property-specific analysis ranging from single assets to portfolios of multifamily properties. We have the experience to work through complex issues related to underwriting, deal structure, financing, market analysis, contract negotiations, and due diligence. With our exclusive focus on investment real estate, we have the experience and the degree of specialization to handle every type of apartment transaction while delivering quality services to apartment owners and investors.

2754461848_740e44f188We Understand Financing:

Most brokers are at a loss when it comes to getting deals done outside of conventional financing. Not us! We understand that some Residential & Commercial real estate can be difficult to finance, especially when time frames are tight or the particular property won’t be your primary residence. We have many conventional, hard money & private money contacts in the industry. We’ve assisted many clients in finding the financing for investment real estate with little to no money out of pocket. We’ve  also assisted many clients with successful lease options, seller financing, private mortgages and real estate investments within their retirement accounts. We understand how to get deals done and will point you in the right direction for your financing needs!

We Negotiate to Win:

We have an arsenal of strategies at our disposal to secure the property you want. We are experts in the art of negotiation which is essential in Boston’s unique and fast-paced market. We also understand that the best deal doesn’t always mean the lowest possible price. Landing our buyers a great deals has as much to do with the terms of the deal as it does the price of the property. “The dollars are in the details!”

We’ll Help You Evaluate Cash Flow:

Do you know how most people select a rental property? They just go for what personally appeals to them. If this property is not your primary residence this is an awful mistake. Selecting the right property is both an art and a science and we want to assist you in picking a winner. Let us help you take the emotion out of investing and replace it with the cold hard numbers in our cash flow analysis!

Sample Cash Flow Analysis

Dorchester Sales CompsWe Have “Quiet & Off Market” Deals:

We often work with sellers that would rather not sell their property publicly for a variety of reasons. In these particular cases we reach out to our group of buyers and offer these listing “offline”.  There are many good deals that never become available to the general public and we have them!

We Help You Fill Vacancies:

  • We can help you reach qualified tenants… Often at no cost to you.
  • We professionally list your apartments for rent on over 20 different apartment website local to you.
  • We cover every aspect of the application and leasing process…from credit checks to lease drafting.
  • You have complete flexibility. We bring you the tenant package and you make the final decision.
  • We help you close vacancies faster and get you back to maximizing your cash-flow!

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