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Home Improvements and PERMITS

In this fast paced, high demand Boston real estate market, agents have to ensure they are doing their due diligence for everyone. Never assume the other side has completed their checklist of items. I want to share part of a situation that occurred with one of my buyers. We found their dream house and submitted an offer subject 2 the seller finding suitable housing (not sure I will be doing that again with first time home-buyers because the ball is in the seller’s court no matter how you look at it). That’s another story, but today, I will explain the OTHER issue with the home and ultimately why we walked away. The home was in impeccable condition and the buyers fell in love with the deck. Everything was great, inspector said home was in excellent condition and well maintained (kudos to the seller)… then comes the appraisal. The appraiser researched the property and discovered the sellers had extended the deck without permits. BIG NO NO Sellers!

If recent work has been done on a home, appraisers are expected to prove and document that the work had been properly permitted.  If the appraiser notes that a bath or in my case, a deck has been added and does not determine if proper permits were issued, the underwriter will request documentation to determine that the bathroom was installed legally. In our case, there was no documentation so the underwriter would not allow the purchase of this home. The only way my buyers were getting this house was if the seller ripped out the deck and rebuilt it with a permit. Needless to say… we walked away. (We did find another home but the process of the sub2 deal was daunting at best)

Sellers, please do things by the book so as not to delay the sale of your home or cost you money in the long run. If you are planning to sell and plan to be handy or have a “friend or family member” do some updates for you, please spend the extra money to obtain a permit.

The worst thing you want is that you spend thousands on adding a new bathroom/deck/finished basement and weeks before closing, the appraiser discovers you did not pull permits… guess what… you will be ripping out ALL the work you did and watch THOUSANDS of dollars go in the trash…this will also reduce the value of your home so add a couple thousand to the LOSS column.


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Another topic that we covered in our sit down with Anastasia Tacewicz from GMH Mortgage Services was the process of purchasing a condo vs. a single family and how the two differ. For those potentially in the process of looking at both options right now, there is some good information in this video from the perspective of someone who would actually be involved with you when considering your purchase.

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8 Things Wealthy People Do Differently

  1. Wealthy People Assist the younger generation
  2. Wealthy People monitor their financials
  3. Wealthy People get rewarded for their spending
  4. Wealthy People”ACT” broke
  5. Wealthy People invest in assets, not liabilities
  6. Wealthy People always have another hustle
  7. Wealthy People are never afraid to ask for advice
  8. Wealthy People lower their interest cost
  9. Wealthy People THINK LONG TERM

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There is an alternative to simply saving for retirement over the course of a 40 year career. One of the most effective options is to acquire income producing assets. A perfect example of accomplishing this is to purchase rental properties that cash flow every single month. This is a great way to supplement your employment income and actually provides you the opportunity to immediately increasing your spending power if you so choose. We are seeing more and more that just simply saving for retirement has left people in difficult situations once they reach that point. Therefore, if done right, investing in long term rental properties can be an incredible vehicle to allowing people retire the way retirement was always meant to be.


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