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Recently we sat down with our very own Elizabeth Newcombe to cover a series of topics. One of these topics was about what is happening currently in her local real estate market, Attleboro. As most of you know, the real estate market for the greater Boston area is very competitive right now and it is even making its way down to Bristol and Norfolk counties. Liz provides a firsthand look into everything you want to know about the market in Attleboro right now.

For more information on homes for sale in Attleboro, contact Elizabeth Newcombe at 413-834-8052

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Buying A Home? What Is An Offer & What Is A Contract?

We have officially entered the crazy season of real estate. Home prices are high, inventory low, buyers anxious and it seems innumerable… spells recipe for a gladiator scenario of only the strong survive!

To be competitive, buyers make concessions on things that I strongly advise against unless they are prepared to pay more for their home that it may be worth. 

Buyers want homes so badly they are willing to waive mortgage contingencies, inspections, add escalating clauses (the seller can accept a higher offer at a later date even though they’ve already accepted your offer). All these sound great but when you do any of the above… you risk losing your deposit. That’s a lot of money. I questions agents who advise any of the above on homes that we foresee issues. The only time I would forego an inspection would be in new construction… other than that… you have no idea what is behind those walls or if the electric output is adequate for your future needs. 

If you forego a mortgage contingency and your loan is denied… you lose your security deposit. I have seen buyers get cold feet and ask the lender to deny their application in hopes of making the mortgage contingency work in their favor but it is not that simple. Lenders have rules and regulations they have to follow. They have to document everything including the reason they deny a loan. Do not place offers out of fear. This is a 30 year commitment of ALOT of money. You can always sell your home sooner but always remember that it is a huge financial commitment so you should not take it lightly. 

Our agents are trained to assist you throughout the process and help you make the best decision for your family. You want to ensure you choose an agent who will not put your best interests at risk. We will ensure we find the best home for you and work closely with your loan officer to ensure it is a smooth transition/transaction. To select one of our highly qualified agents, please click here.

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The last topic that we covered in our sit down with Anastasia Tacewicz from GMH Mortgage Services was some of the things you want to be considering when choosing a mortgage professional. This is a key individual throughout the home buying process so you will really want to do your due diligence when selecting someone to work with. Anastasia is a great reference as she is someone who we have worked with in the past and have had great experiences with.

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Thinking Of Selling Your Home? |4 Quick Tips To Give Your Home More Curb Appeal

You only get to make one first impression, and that first look can affect buyers in ways that even they don’t fully realize. When you are thinking of selling your home, ensure the exterior is well maintained if you are looking for top dollar. 

While it is not as valuable as the updates within the home, you want buyers to enter your home to see your wonderful upgrades correct? If the outside is in poor condition, they will assume the interior is the same and may not even enter the home. Do not leave offers on the table because you didn’t think they mattered. When selling a home, everything matters, no detail is too small. Here are some inexpensive MUST DOs to the exterior. If you can’t afford to repaint, then make the walk up to the home look better.

Mow The Lawn

It really is that simple. While you’re at it, you should also make sure the hedges, bushes, and trees are all looking perfect and well cared for. Long grass and especially brown grass is a sign of neglect. We cant say it enough… you only have one chance to make a first impresion. I always assume a home is unoccupied or has neglectful owners with poorly maintained lawn (Sorry… I’m sure I’m not the only one)

Power Wash 

A fresh coat of paint is all well and good, but often enough the only thing the old paint needs is a good scrub in order to look as good as new. Also, depending on the type of water and trees around the home, your driveway may change colors or have stains that are easily removed with one good wash. It can really make a huge difference in people’s perception of your home. 

Fill The Garden

Adding a new garden may not be a good return on investment depending on the size and soil conditions, but at the same time you can’t allow any existing gardens to grow wild or stick out as barren plots of dirt. Your best bet is to speak with a gardening expert to find out which ornamental plants survive best in our emotional New England weather without much tending so that you can concentrate on other things without having to hire a gardening service. We just want it to look pretty and to last.

Reseal The Drive

Not every kind of pavement demands a coat of sealant, but it can be surprising just how appealing a fresh coat of black tar looks on the driveways and parking spaces of a property with the right kind. You can also utilize cement and be creative with designs and imprints. 

Using curb appeal to attract buyers can feel like an underhanded way to manipulate buyers, but it really isn’t when you consider how common and inexpensive it is to improve a property’s beauty. Not only can everyone who’s selling or renting a property do it, but you’re effectively allowing buyers to judge the property on its real merits rather than on a negative judgement buyers don’t even realize they make. Do not leave thousands on the table when it would have cost you a couple hundred to get higher offers on your home. 

We work with alot of investor clients who truly understand what it takes to get the most bang for your buck. If you would like us to evaluate your home and provide some low cost upgrades/updates to receive the most on your investment, please contact us at Contact@mandrellco.com. 

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