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We recently hired a pest control professional, after one of our tenants mentioned spotting a mouse. Though she had only seen it once, she could tell it was still present in her apartment. Couple days after the first sighting, I’m there with the exterminator and the whole time I’m thinking, I could do this myself. The exterminator came prepared with a homemade peanut butter decon powder mix. The mice swallows the decon which causes them to have a great need for water, forcing them out of the house. Mixing it with peanut butter was a great idea because it’s more appealing to mice. He started in the basement by placing the mixture in small openings in the ceilings and other places where only mice could reach. He continued to all the apartments including the one where the mouse was spotted, placing the poison in vents, behind large pieces of furniture and behind kitchen cabinets. Places that mice would find easily accessible, but children and small pets would find hard to get into. The total cost was $225 which in my opinion is well worth it. However, next time, I will be the exterminator. This was definitely something I could do myself. Something anyone could do. If it’s keeping money in your pocket, it’s worth a shot.

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Boston Wealth Builders:                               Join the Group:           www.BostonWealthBuilders.com

This is a group discussions are focused on building long-term wealth through real estate.  We realize that building wealth is not about your weekly or monthly take home pay; it’s about the income producing assets you acquire over your lifetime.  We understand the difference between earned income and passive income and we strive to create more of the latter.

We realize that every individual is at a difference stage in their investing career and we strive to make each meeting all inclusive. This is group is a great way to meet other people with a similar mind-set and with similar financial goal. Find a mentor or become a mentor to others in the group. House flippers & wholesalers also welcome to join!  We are always looking to purchase real estate if the numbers work.

Metro West Investors:                                  Join the Group:                 www.MWInvestors.com

Metro West Investors is a great group for those who do or are looking to do their real estate business outside of the Boston area. This group looks to connect buy and hold, flippers, wholesalers, and other investment professionals. Our meetings take place at various places from Newton to Worcester.

Real Estate Investor Education & Trade Show coming to Natick in September. This will be a terrific opportunity to meet other investor and tradesman from Boston to Worcester. You’ll also learn about many new industry products and services that can streamline your life as an investor.

RSVP today at http://www.meetup.com/InvestMetroWest/events/125273042/

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Real estate is an excellent investment vehicle for building wealth, especially here in Massachusetts where we have a large number of multifamily buildings. The 3 family home, as an investment tends to make a ton of sense when it comes to the balance between the purchase price of the building and rental income you can achieve from one of these buildings.  Let’s take a quick look at a recent purchase made by one of our clients.

Purchase Price:  $500K    Down Payment: $100K    Mortgage: 15 Fixed @ 4%

Expenses: (Mortgage, Taxes, Insurance, Water, & Misc):  $3,800    Income:  $4500 ($1500 * 3 Units)

Monthly Cash Flow:  $700

$700 monthly cash flow is great, but the real financial benefits come from the long-term effects of this investment on my client’s portfolio. If you noticed above she opted to take a 15 year loan and pay off her debt sooner than the typical 30 year plans. Let’s take a look at where she is financially in 15 years:

Debt Pay Down:

As you make your monthly mortgage payments the principal balance is slowly decreasing. This debt pay down is called the “amortization” of your mortgage. If you look at a mortgage amortization chart (which is usually provided with your loan documents) you can pinpoint what the principal balance on your loan will be at any given point over the term of the loan. This assumes you are making all your payments on time and only paying the minimum amount due each month. As your mortgage balance decreases your net worth increases. With the above scenario my client is done paying or has “fully amortized” this loan in 15 years.  She will receive a discharge notice from the bank and no further payments will be due. Her tenants will have essentially paid off a 400k debt for her and increased her net worth by that much.

Property Appreciation:

Appreciation is the increase in your property’s value year over year.  The rate of appreciation you will receive in future years is impossible to predict but history tells us that property values tend to increase at a rather consistent rate over time. Removing recent market adjustment years (2006-2011), US real estate values have appreciated at a rate of approximately 6% annually, with Massachusetts falling right in line with average rate. If we take our property from above with a current market value of $500k and assume we achieve at least a 5% rate of appreciation over the next 15 years, we would be looking at a property value of $1,039,000.

Rent Appreciation:

Rent prices tend to move upward with inflation. Just like the cost of bread and gas, rent rental values always go up. With that said, the same $4500 per month ($54,000 annually) my client is collecting in rents today will be much higher in the future.  If we assumed rents in her building also increased at a rate of 5% yearly, she will be collecting $9,355 per month after 15 years. That’s over $100K annually in passive income!

Net Worth & Passive Income:

If you take these numbers as a whole, thats when things start to get exciting. 15 years from now this mortgage will be completely paid off and it will have been done by someone other than my client. Her tenants are paying off the debt every month with their rent checks. Not only is she getting the debt paid off but she will be putting $700 (or more) per month back into her pocket over the next 15 years. At the end of the 15 year term her debt will be gone and her rents have now grown to $9355 per month, which she can put in her pocket or use to go out and purchase other investments.  Her property has also appreciated to over 1 million in value which will be a major contribution to her total net worth number!

Building Wealth Takes Time:

My client is not very special …in the sense that anyone can follow this wealth building model and achieve exactly what she has done in the past and is in the process of doing again. Don’t have $100k to invest? You don’t need it. There are ways to achieve the same with a whole lot less. Don’t have time for tenant issues? Hire a property management company! With this model my client is achieving $700 in cash flow. I’m sure for $700 per month you can find a company to manage your tenant issues. Long story short… there is really no reason why this can’t be done by anyone.  15 years is not a walk in the park but the earlier you start the sooner you’ll get there. If you only had this one building and invested in nothing else during the next 15, you would still have a net worth of over a million dollars and earning over a $100k in passive rental income! Imagine if you bought several of these investments!

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Are you attending a University here in Boston? Will you need off campus housing? If so, give us a call us. Our company assists many undergraduate and graduate students in finding apartments while they are studying here in the city. We have a ton of resources at our disposal and are contacted by landlords all over the city looking for good tenants for their apartments.

Here are the top 5 things every student should know about renting here in Boston:

  1. Plan to start your search as early as possible. Boston rentals do not stay vacant very long so to land a great apartment you need to be proactive! Try to get ahead of the student rush and line something up a couple months in advance. This will be your best possible opportunity to get something close to your campus.
  2. Make sure you fully understand the cost of the apartment your plan to rent. When you move into an apartment, a landlord can charge you the first month’s rent, the last month’s rent, and a security deposit. In addition to what the landlord charges, you may also be charged a Realtor fee if you enlist the services of this professional. This fee can be up to a maximum of the equivalent of one month’s rent. For example, if you rented an apartment for $1000, you could be charged a maximum of $4000 to move in. 1st, last & security from the landlord and a full month’s rent from the real estate agent you hired.
  3. Make sure your roommates know the rules and plan to stay as long as you do. If one of your roommates moves out, you may still be responsible for paying his portion of the rent until you find a new one. When you sign a lease with a roommate, you are both committing to the term of that lease. If one individual does not hold up to this agreement you are both liable.
  4. You have probably invested more in personal property than you realize. Renter’s insurance is a good idea and can be surprisingly affordable. Don’t assume that your landlord’s or your parents’ insurance will cover your belongings.
  5. Before entering into a rental agreement, check out the condition of the apartment. If you can’t, have a friend do it for you. You do not want to be charged for damages that existed when you moved in! In most cases the landlord will do an “initial walkthrough” with you so you both can determine if there are items that need to be addressed prior to move in.

Still have questions? Need help starting your apartment search? Call us at 617-297-8641 or email Lloyd@MandrellCo.com.

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Thinking about buying a 3 Family in Boston? If you’re looking for a great ROI consider investing in the Dorchester area. This Boston neighborhood allows for better cash flow than any other neighborhood in the city. Prices are still relatively low compared to other neighborhoods, but the rental market is very strong. Rental prices have been headed upward for the past few years and the demand for available units is high. Here is a quick look at some of the averages and how this scenario could play out in the Dorchester market.

Average Price for 3 Family Home: $550,000

20% Down Payment $110,000 – Interest rate of 4% on a30 year fixed  

Mortgage payment of $2100.00 per month

Mortgage $2100 + Taxes $350 + Home Insurance $200 + Water & Sewer $150 = $2800 Monthly Expenses

Market Rent For 3 Bedroom Dorchester Apartment = $1600 * 3 Units = $4800 Monthly Income

$4800 – $2800 = Monthly Cash Flow of $2000 or $24,000 Annually

These numbers equate to a Return on Investment of nearly 22%, which is tough to find in other markets. There are some assumptions here that will lead ROI numbers to be slightly better or worse depending on each particular investment, but the overall averages speak for themselves.

Don’t let your lack of knowledge for Dorchester real estate steer your away from this great market. There are many local professionals that can assist you in locating great properties in the neighborhood. Like any real estate market, not every property will be a great investment, but when you take the time to do a little market research you can understand which properties will perform well. 

Don’t have 20% as a down payment? Want to run your own mortgage calculations? Click here to use our mortgage calculator!

Not interested in dealing with tenant issues? Looking for a great property manager? Click here to read more about our services!

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Are you in the process of getting licensed as a Massachusetts real estate agent?  Are you  not happy with your current firm and looking for a change? In either case , consider joining The Mandrell Company! The real estate industry can be a very fun and rewarding business if you work hard align yourself with the right people in the industry. The Mandrell Company is a residential & commercial real estate brokerage firm and we specialize in multifamily purchases and sales as well as working with rehab investors.

Why do we focus on this particular market?

  1. Real estate Investors buy & sell multiple properties! Working with real estate investors can allow you to do 20+ sale per year while only need 3-4 different clients. Many investors will buy property directly from the listing agent, rehab the property, and then say thanks by giving the property back to you to sell to an end buyer. At minimum you achieved 3 “deal sides” in this scenario! Even multifamily buy and hold investors are repeat clients and are very loyal to us.     
  2. Real estate investor buy with cash so you avoid the hassles that come with dealing with bank mortgage brokers and preapproval letters. Cash  purchases also allow investors to close sooner because they avoid bank appraisals and the need to wait on loan commitments.
  3. Investor often waive the option to do a home inspection. Most investors are savvy buyer and know their way around a project. They are buying for the purpose of rehabbing the place and don’t need a home inspector to come in and point out minor damaged. No home inspection mean the closing timeline is shorten and you get paid sooner!

The Mandrell Company has a very larger network of local and national real estate investor and they’re all looking for their next project. Our firm is searching for good agents to help us locate and feed our investors good deals. We have all the marketing tools and training necessary to make you successful, we just need motivated and intelligent people that want to make money. We’re hiring agents all over Massachusetts! All of our company systems or web based so we do not require you to work in our office! Work from home or from your private office and receive very competitive commission payouts!

Outside of the great money you can make with TMC, we offer a very good opportunity for you to learn a ton about real estate investing. We operate two investment groups in the state; (Boston Wealth Builders & Metro West Real Estate Investors) where we teach many new investors how to build long term wealth through real estate.

Interested in joining the firm? Still have questions? Email us at Contact@MandrellCo.com or call 617-297-8641. You can also read more about this position at MandrellCo.com/Careers

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Your tenant’s move in day is a very important time for you as a landlord. Move in day sets the tone for how your tenant(s) will view your apartment business during their tenancy.  If you’re organized and professional most tenants will show you the same level of respect. On the other hand if you are, sloppy and unorganized you will be setting yourself up for headache as your tenants will see you as such and treat you poorly during their stay. Here are a few quick ways to make a good first impression to future tenants.

  1. Create an apartment walkthrough checklist. This checklist should be used a guide so every aspect of the apartment is reviewed by you and the tenant on their first day. Your checklist should include a review of flooring, walls & ceilings, windows, cabinets, doors, and everything else in the apartment that could be damaged during the tenants stay. This checklist tells the tenant that you will also be looking at these same items on the day they move out and you expect them to be in the same condition…minus normal wear and tear.
  2. Make sure you have a copy of the apartment keys ready for the new tenants. This seems like a no brainer, but many landlords forget this simple step and cause themselves lots of running around the day of move in. You should also consider changing the locks depending on your apartment building and neighborhood. Many tenants come to expect that the locks will be changed and you should be prepared to manage this expectation.
  3. Briefly go through the lease and rules of the building again. For some, moving is a very involved and emotional experience and sometimes things get mis-understood or loss during the shuffle. It’s a good idea to remind your new occupants of the rules and regulations of the building.  
  4. If you didn’t already have a W9 form completed by your tenant, now is a good time to collect this. If you are collecting a security deposit from your tenant, than it need to be placed into an interest bearing bank account (separate from your personal funds) during the tenants stay. To open this landlord-tenant account, the bank will require this form from you. This account also allows any interest earned on the deposit to be accredited to the tenant as well as saves you from paying taxes on that interest.
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Right now is a great time to be in the Massachusetts house flipping business! Real estate prices are seeing steady growth and home buyers are feeling comfortable again. The key to success in the rehabbing business is to have a great team of industry professionals around you.  There are so many steps involved in from the initial purchase of the property to the final sale, that you would be wise not to do it all yourself. The best flippers in the business build a good team of experienced people they can trust and that are experts in their areas of the business. Two industry professionals every rehabber must have in their corner are a good Real Estate Broker and a Money Man… a source of quick capital.

There are many real estate agents out there but only a few that truly have the experience and understanding of the Massachusetts house flipping business. You’ll want to find an agent or team of agents that understand what an investor is looking for and can locate homes that are potential flip candidates. The real estate agent you want is the one that can immediately see potential in a rehab project but can also steer you away from potential trap properties. The team member you’ll want can help you determine the property’s ARV (after repair value), has experience with the construction process and can help you determine the proper finishes buyers are looking for in for in that particular neighborhood. A good Realtor understands you’re in the business to make a profit and will often run the numbers themselves prior to bringing you a deal. This saves you a bunch of time from checking on properties that don’t make financial sense.

Having a good private or hard money lender by your side is also curial to your success. Many of the best deals come from sellers who need out of their homes quickly. Having access to quick cash give you the ability to close sooner and make your offer more attractive than someone searching for financing. Often rehab homes are in such bad shape that banks will not loan on the property and the seller absolutely needs to find a cash offer. The best way to find money sources is through networking with other investors and industry peers. You ideally will want to make some early connections so when you have a flip deal presented, you already have the mean to pursue it.

Want to build a good team of professionals quickly? Join a local real estate investment group. Two great groups in Massachusetts are Boston Wealth Builders and Metro West Real Estate Investors.  Join one or both groups and meet local real estate investing professionals. Find money sources, contractors, suppliers, legal representation and more. You can also meet other investors who could potentially become partners in your house rehabbing venture.  

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Boston is a great place for investing in real estate and now is the perfect time to be buying! Here are 3 quick reason that make this true:

1.  Why Boston? Boston vacancy rates are extremely low as of today.  The vacancy rate throughout the city is somewhere around 3%.  This means as a landlord you are not going to have trouble finding or replacing tenants. There are incredible amount of people in this city looking for quality rentals and that number is growing.

2.  Rents are rising rapidly…supply and demand.  We have more people looking for apartments than there are apartments available. The demand is higher than the current supply and it’s pushing the prices of our rentals upward.  This is a trend that is likely to continue into the near future. As your properties rental income grows so will its value.

3.  The economy and the job market here in Boston are very strong.  Because of this we don’t experience the wild swings in property values seen in some other areas of the country.  As a property owner you can be certain that value of your property will remain steady compared to other states.

If you’ve ever considered becoming a landlord or if you’re already a landlord looking to grow your investment portfolio….there has never been a better time to start shopping. You couple the market conditions here in Boston with historically low interest rates and to me it’s the perfect storm for buyers.

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1. Comparing the physical aspects of a property in one neighborhood to a physically similar property in their own neighborhood.

It’s a bad idea to feel you know what a property is worth by comparing it to something in your own neighborhood. Whether you’re the buyer or seller you run the risk of losing money and / or valuable time. If you’re selling a home for under its value, you’ll know when. People will be rushing to get an offer accepted. The last thing they want you to do is talk to another buyer. If they can get you to accept an offer before your first open house, they know they’ve won. You might be clueless because homes of that size in your neighborhood are selling for 350,000$. You thought to yourself, it has the same number of rooms, similar lot size and similar condition. Let’s hurry up and put this on the market. However, your buyers who are very familiar with the area see properties in the neighborhood selling for 450,000$. Unlike your neighborhood, this one is just outside the city and experiencing growth.Over pricing property simple waste a lot of time. When no one shows up to your open house and offers don’t go through, the message should be clear. While some properties, just need a little more time to find the right buyer, others are simple overvalued. External factors need to be taken into account.

2. Giving the city or town stigma too much weight.

“It’s a bad Neighborhood.” At least, that’s what you heard. In addition, you saw a few stories on the 10 o’clock news. However, the truth is every city or town has separate communities. While some of these communities or events might give a city a bad stigma, don’t over estimate them. People who have actually driven through and seen the individual communities know they’re not all the same. In addition there are those who haven’t even heard of the city or town who are completed unaffected by the stigma.

Point being there’s not a single factor that determines the homes value. Be sure to hire a realtor that’s familiar with the area or one that’s willing to do a lot of research.

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During these last two weeks I think we found a great contractor to help us with a growing property management business. The first two visits to the property I was there to see him fix a water stained ceiling. He was also hired to repair and paint the hallway. For this we left him the key. When we returned to check on his progress we were amazed. The walls, which were marked, stained, and rough now looked clean, smooth and really good from ceiling down 3 flights of stairs. There was no sign of the old stairwell. We also had the opportunity to watch him prep the front porches for staining and waterproofing. By the time he was done power washing and spraying, the wood looked fresh and full of color as if it had just been place there. I will be stopping by the property today to check on his progress. I’m expecting great things. Very happy because like with everything involved in running a business, it’s hard to find people that you trust. So far this professional relationship building experience has been positive.

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Saturday, September 14, 2013 11:00 AM   Hampton Inn 319 Speen St, Natick, MA

Interested in building a portfolio of rental property investments? If so, you don’t want to miss this event!  A large part of building a successful real estate portfolio is building a professional real estate team around you.

This tradeshow will bring together more than 200 local real estate investors and investment experts and is an excellent opportunity for you to meet local vendors & business professionals. It will also be a wonderful opportunity for investor networking and business development. If you’re serious about real estate investing you won’t want to miss this!

It’s free to register for this event. Just go to http://www.BostonWealthBuilders.com

Come speak directly to industry professional like never before! This event will be great for the novice to advanced real estate investors. Whether you’re just getting started with investing or looking to develop new strategies and income sources, we’ll have something for everyone. RSVP Now! http://www.BostonWealthBuilders.com

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http://www.MandrellCo.com/Management   617-297-8641

Are you buying or selling a multifamily or investment property in Massachusetts?  Need help filling an empty unit or interested in property management services?  The Mandrell Company specializes in multifamily & investment property sales, rentals and management!

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322 Warren Street, Roxbury MA

This is a completely renovated 3 family brick home. Building offers two 2 bedroom apartments and one very nice 1 bedroom 3rd floor unit. The entire building in being completely remodeled and will include, new heating, updated electrical, new roof, hardwood flooring and much more. First floor apartment has private terrace in back of house and the home has tons of exposed brick and beautiful woodworking throughout. Market rents for these units are $1450-$1500 for the 2 bedrooms and $1350-$1400 for the 1 bedroom with roof deck. Each of the units will bring in top dollar and rent in a matter of days!  This is a great long-term investment or lovely home for owner occupant.  List price of $475,000

Renovations are scheduled to be complete mid July. Get it now before it hits the market! Email or call for more information! 617-297-8641 or Willie@MandrellCo.com

13 Unit Multifamily Portfolio, Worcester MA – 3 & 4 Unit Buildings

Worcester Investor looking to sell his 13 unit apartment portfolio. He’s looking for approximately $65k per unit if entire lot is purchased. He may be willing to sell individual buildings for the right price.  Most of the units are 3 bedrooms apartment s and collecting $850 per month. The 2 bedrooms apartments are collecting $750. All the tenants pay their own utilities and heating is gas.

Addresses are as follows:

·         9 Diamond St. (Vernon Hill) 3 units

·         157 Perry Ave. (Vernon Hill) 3 units

·         70 Rodney St. (Bell Hill) 4 units

·         97 Eastern Ave. (Bell Hill) 3 units

Serious buyers only please. Please be prepared to show proof of funds.

Please call or email me for more information. Willie@MandrellCo.com or 617-297-8641.

Want to have future deals sent directly to you? Sign up at http://mandrellco.com/off-market-deals/

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Why live At the property you manage?

I’m a big advocate for living on the property you manage. The biggest reason being, all the maintenance issues I have found and prevented and the inconveniences caused by other tenants that were quickly dealt with. You might be surprised what your tenants don’t tell you while you’re away or what they don’t notice.  A few recent examples:

Sitting in the lounge chair watching some T.V and suddenly there’s a rumble.  The china in the large wooden cabinet starts shaking. So I walk up to the second floor thinking it must be the music is extremely loud.   Standing next to the second floor apartment door, I realized, no that’s definitely not it. I felt the loud rumbling coming from upstairs.  Next to the 3rd floor door, it was clear. They were running. Does no-running include no-treadmills as well? Couldn’t imagine what the second floor was thinking.  My guess is they would simple keep turning up their music louder and hope the people above them get the point.  You’re disturbing everyone.  I knocked on their door told them about the treadmill so they stopped for the rest of the day.  However, in the following days they kept running.  While the problem was solved immediately, it was addressed immediately.  Happy to say those tenants are not with us anymore. 

Discovered mold in the basement while looking for tools to help with the backyard.  It was it the cellar closet hidden by tools and covering the entire lower half of one wall. After getting some advice from a friend, I was able to take care of the situation ASAP.  Happy I seen it when I did and was able to avoid replacing the wall.

More recently noticed an increase in the moth population in my kitchen over the last few months.  Never experienced this in all the years I lived there. I tried getting rid of them by hand, but would find a group of them again by morning.  When I spoke to the tenants, my neighbors about the situation they admitted to having some troubles too.  They didn’t want to mention it to avoid any stigma it might be attached too.  The neighbors across the street were there and mentioned different pest problems they’ve had, one involving a nest of wasps near their home, another with fruit flies lasting through winter.  The next day I went to the Home Depo and grabbed a few different products to get rid of these pests and distributed them to all then tenants.  I think this did 2 things: 1. It let them know I was equally concerned about the situation and 2. It created a stronger unified effort to really exterminate these pests. Good rettens !!!

While you can’t live on every property you might own it’s important to inspect your property and check in with tenants periodically in addition phone calls triggered by neighborhood events.  You might even want to create a check list of places to inspect and things to ask tenants.  While I say nothing beats living on the property, genuine concern for the well being of your tenants and a little effort is all you should need to keep them happy with the service you provide.


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Multifamily_Home_Buying_BookWhen it comes to buying a home, the ability and willingness to negotiate is a must. In general, sellers ask for more than they are actually willing to accept and buyers initially offer less than they are actually willing to pay. As the buyer, you will have the best chance at a successful negotiation if you research the price of other comparable homes in the area before making your offer. The best way to determine what you should pay is by considering what other buyers in the area have paid for similar properties. Your Realtor will be able to provide you with a comparable market analysis for the prospective property, which will assist you in finding these recent sales figures.

Lastly, be realistic when you’re ready to put in your offer to buy. Nothing will hurt your chances of future negotiations more than insulting the seller with a low-ball offer. Remember that the trick to landing yourself the best deal is to find the balance between your high-water mark and the seller’s low-water mark. You want to work with the seller to find a point where both parties come out feeling good about the transaction. You should also remember that not every offer is accepted, so don’t be disheartened if your first offer isn’t a winner. In most cases, the seller will make a counteroffer for your consideration and negotiations can continue from there.

Want all 25 buying tips? Complete the form below and the complete book will be emailed to you immediately!


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The Mandrell Company works with many real estate investors & developers in and around the Boston area. We assist our investor clients in finding properties that need rehab as well as opportunities for development. If you’re looking to sell a property that needs minor or significant repairs, please give us a call. Almost all of our clients are cash buyers and can often close on your property with 2-4 weeks. Don’t waste your time with a realtor placing a sign in the yard and marketing your problem property with traditional sale methods. Our investor clients buy properties in “as is” condition, which mean they will not be asking you to make any repairs. They also purchase properties in difficult situations such as; pre-forclosure, non-paying tenants, or tax and other liens.

Let us help you move on and get this headache out of your life. Our clients are experts in renovating junk & ugly homes and can rid you of your problem house. They are also improving local Massachusetts neighborhoods with each home they complete!

Do you know of a property in your neighborhood you would like to see fixed up? Pass our information along to the owner and we’ll see what we can do!  617-297-8641 Call today!

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Is your tenant’s lease is expiring soon? Do you have a current vacancy ? Let us help get you back to collecting rents!

Dear Boston Area Landlords,

My name is Lloyd Mandrell and I’m a Licensed Realtor, and fellow Landlord, in the Greater Boston area.  My firm would love to assist you in finding and placing an ideal tenant in your residential rental unit! 

As a Realtor, specializing in the Boston rental market,  I work directly with only best and highest qualified tenants. I currently have several  such tenants looking for rentals in almost every area of the city and would like to talk to you about your available rental unit. It would be great to see your apartment, take some pictures to begin showing it to my very interested client base, as soon as possible. 

When you place your rental with me and The Mandrell Company, we will handle your tenant’s application, credit checks, employment verification, criminal background checks, lease agreements and more. The best part about listing your rental with us is that our tenants pay our fee and there is absolutely no charge to you for our services!

Our company also offers a terrific property management service if you need assistance beyond filling you vacancy.

Please contact me if interested or if you have any questions. I can be reached at 617-297-8641 or at Lloyd@MandrellCo.com.

We want to help you get back to full occupancy and collecting rents…

I look forward to hearing from you!


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With tax season ending a little more than a month ago… I’m sitting here thinking about all the questions I received this year about minimizing investor tax liability and wanted to share some quick tips. 

The tax deductions you will receive as a landlord will only be as good as the expense records you keep. To maximize your annual deductions (or minimize your expenses) you should establish and maintain a meticulous record keeping system for your rental properties. If you ever have to go through and IRS audit, you want to easily show that you were eligible to claim the deductions you did. On the other hand, for every 100 dollars in tax deductions, you will have approximately $25 in tax savings (for tax payers in the 25% bracket), so it’s in your best interest to deduct everything in which you are entitled. Nolo’s – Every Landlords Tax Deduction Guide is great book for learning more about tax deductions and the filing requirements of landlords. This book is updated annually and always contains the most recent laws and tax codes.

One of the best ways to ensure you are maximizing your annual deductions is to keep neat, thorough and exact expense records. Be sure that you are keeping hard copy or electronic files for receipts, invoices and anything else that documents your purchases. If you own more than one rental property, you should separate these records by property and year as required by your schedule E (the federal tax form completed for rental property owners).

A hand written or electronic expense journal is also great to have and should coexist along with your files. Use your journal throughout the year and take notes that will help you or your accountant properly prepare your returns. You will want to use this journal to record explanations for unordinary expenses, miles traveled for your rental business, items you paid for in cash and anything else you may not remember when the time comes to file. Quicken Rental Property Manager is a terrific tool help landlords maintain rental records and if set up properly, it can capture your expense records without data manual entry.

Separating your personal from your rental business banking is another great way to stay organized throughout the tax year. One of the first things you will want to do when becoming a landlord is to open a separate checking account (and maybe a credit card) for your rental business. Deposit all your rental income into this business checking and only pay for rental expanses from that account. Doing so will allow you to easily identify rental expenses when the time comes to file. It will also allow your monthly bank statements to serve as excellent reference tools from year to year, without the hassle of weeding out personal items.

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The Mandrell Company is your New England solution for commercial and investment property real estate. We assist many commercial landlords find great businesses to occupy their rental space. We really understand how to market your space to commercial tenants and can help you fill your vacancy quickly and for top dollar!

Whether you’re looking to fill a small office building or  a large retail space, contact us! We do it all!
To find out more about the Mandrell Company, visit us at http://www.TheMandrellCompany.com or give us a call at 617-297-8641. We look forward to working with you!

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Attention contractors and investors. Great rehab opportunity. Legal 3 family being used as single. 2 studio lofts and one 3 bedroom apartment. Exposed brick & beautiful wood work throughout. One working furnace. Bus stop out front. Great buy and hold investment property or good for owner occupant. Roof replaced last year. May not qualify for conventional financing. Seller motivated. Bring offers!

Call us for more information! 617-297-8641

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I don’t know about you but not only did I get into real estate investing to create financial success but to create more time in my life as well.  When it came to having rental properties in the portfolio I quickly found that instead of creating more time I had created another full time job that sucked up so much time that I found myself working on the business instead of in it.  Let alone the damage it did to the quality of relationships to those around me.  Like many an Entrepreneur that was a dangerous position to be in and it was more sooner than later the train wreck was going to arrive.

Well I said to myself you can continue to do this the hard way or the easy way.  The hard way being you can continue to have tenants calling you in the middle of the night or just badgering you about property issues as the laws regulating property continue to get more and more complicated on the federal, state and local level eating up even more time.  Or you could hire a property manager to take care of it for you putting a much needed buffer between myself and the tenants.

But how do you hire a management company and still make a profit? Consult with your fellow investors who have had success in hiring a management company. I can tell you we’ve gone through our share of them.

Once you have assembled a list of companies and before you call them, design a list of expectations for the property company and a list of goals for each of your rental properties.  Your goals might sound something like this:

·          Keep property rented

·          Prepare an annual budget

·          Manage a siding installation project

·          Annually inspect the property and send you a report.

·          Send you a monthly financial report

·          Help you lease up property

Before you dial the phone, look at your list of expectations.   These are the questions you can ask the property management company to see if they are a good fit.  Remember to also have a property description and income and expense information available for them to be able to give you a detailed response to your questions.  Your list of questions may look something like this:

·          How long have you been in business? (You are looking for long-term stability.)

·          How much insurance do you carry?

·          Do you have experience in the kind of property I want you to manage? How much experience?

·          Is your staff bonded?

·          What does the bonding and your insurance cover?

·          Are you accredited by a national organization?

·          How do you collect the rents?

·          If a tenant does not pay what do you do?

·          How do you advertise vacancies?

·          How do you select tenants for my property?

·          How much do you charge monthly? Are there additional charges?

·          What service do I get from you?

·          Do you send me monthly reports?

·          What is included in my monthly reports?

·          How do you handle property maintenance?

·          How much could the maintenance cost?

·          Can I visit your office?

·          Can I meet the property manager who will be directly managing my property?

·          How do you handle property emergencies?

·          Can you give me some example of your attention to detail?

·          Tell me about some of your success stories?

·          Tell me specifically how you will take care of my investment?

·          Do you have references I can call?

The answers to these questions will probably give you a good idea of how the company is run and how well your property will be taken care of.

Clearly the questions you ask will also depend on the size of the property you are planning to have managed and the results you expect. For our purposes we are talking about successfully managing a single family to smaller multi-family units (up to four units), tenant selection, screening, as well as rent collections and property maintenance are key issues.

Have confidence once you have selected your team.  If you have done your due-diligence you should have a qualified organization that you can consider an extension of your business and can be confident they will follow the law and abide by a code of ethics.  It’s an important choice so don’t be afraid to interview many companies to find the one that fits the needs of your investment portfolio.

In the end after you have evaluated price, experience, and accounting reports, the key decision factor will be the level of trust you have in the management team of the company that will be taking care of your property. If you have any questions at all call me at 617.297.8641. I’d be happy to help you select a property management company that’s right for you!

P.S.   If you are ready to start building your wealth through real estate investing, make sure and become a member of The Boston Landlord wholesaler buyers list.  As a member, you’ll be notified immediately when they have a new property up-for-grabs (that means YOU will have first dibs on the hottest deals)! To sign up, visit the website at http://www.TheBostonLandlord.com/Buy or give them a call at 617.453.8571. 

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Whether you’re planning to purchase a multi-family home as your primary residence or as an investment property, consider the overall structure of the home. When evaluating each property, note the complexity of the construction. While you definitely want a home that’s eye-pleasing to neighbors and potential renters, you don’t want a home that may be expensive to maintain. Look for properties that have simple, solid construction, and use relatively standard materials. These are generally the easiest and most inexpensive to maintain. 

Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself when evaluating each property:
  • ·         How steep is the roof?
  • ·         How many angles does the building have?
  • ·         Does the home have a slate roof?
  • ·         How complex is the landscaping?
  • ·         How many different exterior paint colors are there?
  • ·         Does the home have any special features that may be difficult to replace?

Want to search for homes in and around Boston? Click Here! 

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Hire the Right Realtor

When you’re looking to sell your home, it pays to work with a REALTOR who knows the local real estate market inside and out and has excellent contacts in all real estate related fields. Selling you home is no small task and shouldn’t be left to just anyone. Remember that you are selling a business. Selecting a realtor that’s familiar with the rental business can better help you achieve your goals throughout the sale and improve your bottom line.  
Before making the decision to hire, you should request a pre-listing package from your selected realtor. This package should contain and explanation of the selling process you will experience, what forms of marketing the realtor will use and a brief description of the realtors background and experience. 
Logic vs. Emotion 
There can be a lot of emotions tied to selling your home, especially if you’ve lived in one the units for a significant amount of time or if you’ve put a considerable amount of energy into maintaining and improving the property. While most sellers expect the final sales price of the property to reflect every hour of work and every penny they’ve spent during their time of ownership, in most sales this, will not be the case. 
Removing your emotional ties is one of the first things you must do as a seller preparing to part with his/her property. You must disassociate yourself. You should look logically at the selling process of your home and prepare to make decisions based on that logic alone. Despite how much time and energy you have put into your property, a home is only worth as much as someone else is willing to pay for it. 

Need some professional advice? Call 617-297-8641 or email Willie@MandrellCo.com

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