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It is no surprise that the Boston Real Estate market is HOT! Luxury condo buildings are on the rise, as are rental prices and demand for housing. The Boston Inclusionary Development Policy hopes to keep a place in the city reserved for low and middle income families. 

Some affordable housing activists say changes to the policy is long over due as the last substantial update was in 2007.  Updates are set to take effect in January 2016. The new guidelines would require developers to construct a greater number of affordable housing units or pay more to opt out of on-site affordable units in many neighborhoods. The goal of these efforts is to help keep home ownership within reach for Boston low- and middle income families as current prices are not realistic for achieving home ownership. 

The new IDP shifts will take effect zone by zone. Roxbury, Dorchester, Hyde Park, Mattapan, Roslindale and West Roxbury comprise Zone C. The IDP team aims to encourage middle class housing construction here. There is no increase requirements for developers in Zone C as it is difficult to develop here currently. 

Currently. rental units must be affordable to those making up to 70% of the area median income, earning $62,000 for a family of three. The BRA will allow developers in Zone C, to provide units to those making 100% AMI, earning $88,650 for a family of three. This concerns community members as they believe this is still out of reach for residents of the community. Many believe this will make the area more affordable to those from outside these neighborhoods rather than incentivising community members to become homeowners or remain renters. 

We are sure this will continue to be a topic of discussion in the coming year as we (The Mandrell Company) strive to increase home ownership in these neighborhoods. We work with sellers of the community and also educate potential buyers on the home buying process and provide resources to help make it more affordable for them to own in their community. 


For more information on our upcoming home ownership and investing in multi-family seminars, please email us at contact@MandrellCo.com and we will provide an updated schedule of events for 2016.